Donald Trump worked his Twitter magic again on Tuesday night when he sent out a tweet containing the Word "Covfefe" and folks thought it was a mistake. Some watched Trump's Twitter page for hours thinking that any minute he'd delete this mistake, but the tweet remained hour after hour, leaving people scratching their heads. Finally in hour six, the tweet was gone.

The hunt for 'covfefe'

So was it a mistake? It doesn't sound that way because another tweet sent out by Trump dared the masses to find the meaning of covfefe. Since the Merriam-Webster Dictionary doesn't hold a word even resembling covfefe, people went elsewhere for the true meaning of the word, even checking to see if it was perhaps among the old Gaelic words.

Still, no meaning for covfefe was found.

Bad dream?

Trump's deleted covfefe tweet simply stated - "Despite the constant negative press covfefe." That was it, just one sentence that didn't make sense. Some folks thought that since the tweet went out shortly after midnight Trump might have fallen asleep and was dreaming when he started tweeting about something in that dream. Others thought he simply misspelled a word, but what word? Nothing comes close to covfefe.

Covfefe today - coverage tomorrow?

CNN News suggests today that covfefe tells us all we need to know about Donald Trump. They suggest that Trump fell asleep while tweeting and the word covfefe was meant to be the word "coverage." On his way into a slumber, he pressed a few unwanted letters and sent out a tweet.

He didn't delete the post until 6 a.m., which is just about the time he would be getting up and realizing the mistake. Still, that is not Trump's story. He tweeted out a dare of sorts after deleting the tweet, which is seen below.

So it looks like CNN News has it figured out. The word "covfefe" was supposed to be "coverage" but his fingers were tired and he could have even fallen asleep with his face falling into the keys making "coverage" appear as "covfefe." Now Trump hasn't said a thing about this other than sending out that challenge.

If covfefe was the result of the president nodding off on Twitter, this could be the word we've all been looking for, just one word that describes falling asleep while on the keyboard.

Trump coins new word?

With the attention that covfefe is getting today the folks on Fox & Friends predict we are looking at a new word that will be finding its way into the dictionary next year when the new words are announced.

How easy this will make explaining mistakes in messages. Covfefe - the act of falling asleep and pressing the wrong keys while messaging. Many people know just how a covfefe feels, most are lucky enough not to push "send" before the mistake is found.

Trump's covfefe could really take off, the true test will be if we are all still using the word this time next week!