With the recent hand-swatting gesture that launched a thousand theories, the claim of Claude Taylor is alive again. A Washington Democrat, Taylor is currently getting extra attention about his post on Twitter. The presidential campaign veteran claimed that the divorce papers of First Lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump were allegedly signed even before the result of the 2016 election came in.

Taylor and his claims

Claude Taylor claimed that according to his source from a mainstream media member, Mr. and Mrs. Trump have already signed their divorce papers.

While his tweet has now reached massive likes and shares and continues to increase, people are not taking it too seriously. Many doubt the authenticity of the former White House employee’s information. He defended his scoop and said that this was not known to the public because the divorce papers were not filed in any country. It was not also reported on mainstream channels because it might not have gotten a clearance from the editors, he added.

Aside from that, the former White House staff also revealed in another tweet that Trump is now under investigation by a newly formed grand jury to explore the controversies involving the president.

According to him, the grand jury reportedly possessed a sealed indictment and has acquired information about a large amount of money transferred offshore by the Trump family.

The infinite buzz about divorce

Some theorized that the divorce papers issue is connected with the video where Melania was seen swatting the hand of President Trump.

Recently, the First Lady and the President went to Israel and media released photos of the first couple with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and his wife, Nehama. However, this international news was overshadowed by the alleged hand swatting and divorce papers issues.

The divorce issue about the first couple was dated back to when the first couple were still on the campaign trail.

It was further fueled when their son Baron was reportedly not allowed to live in the White House. There were also other critics urging the First Lady to file a divorce during Trump's first months in the Oval Office. The pending divorce was debunked as fake news back in March 2016, but that has not stopped the speculation.

Several sources reported that First Lady Melania Trump could not tolerate her husband any longer. Over the years, in a series of photos analyzed by a couple of experts, they claimed that the non-verbal actions of the couple in numerous photos speaks a lot about the condition of their relationship. The photos were compiled from the time they started dating until the most recent ones when Trump was already the POTUS. Patti Wood, a body language expert and Dr. Lillian Glass, a communications consultant took turns giving their personal and expert views on the photos of the first couple.