President Trump can find any reason to fire anyone he wants. He found several reasons over the past week when he fired the FBI director James Comey and none of them seemed valid enough to convince anyone -- other than his loyal supporters -- that it needed to be done. So far he's hell-bent on rattling infrastructure that relies on capable people who can run the government without running it into the ground. As Blasting News wrote about once before, that person is General H.R. McMaster and he was not only able to save the National Security Council (NSC) from certain doom but able to effectively push back when The President has been out of line.

Is HR McMaster in the firing line?

To Trump, that's reason enough to fire him and the fact that he might is threatening enough. Columnist Mike Allen accompanied his Axios article over the possibility that at any time the President could conduct a sweeping shake-up with his cabinet and/or White House staff with an appearance on 'Meet The Press' roundtable Sunday morning. The article and what he said about the shake-up seems to point to Trump targeting the more chaotic elements in the administration such as Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer, and even Jeff Sessions, but no mention of McMaster or even anyone within his circle.

Trump's issues with McMaster

It's already been reported that the President was furious when McMaster stepped out-of-line and told the South Korean government that the U.S.

would pay for the THAAD defense system right after Trump said South Korea would pay. This was also more thoroughly explained in another Blasting News report which pointed out how the U.S. has shouldered the costs for similar defense systems for other countries. Trump had reportedly read about McMaster's "betrayal" in the Wall Street Journal and yelled at him over the phone for undermining him.

One report by Bloomberg News says that McMaster has lost some sway in the White House but they deny this, saying that everything is fine. President Trump issued a statement to the media outlet on Sunday, May 7, saying that he couldn't be happier with the General but officials have said that this is not the sentiment the President has expressed in private.

It explains that McMaster is pinned between a faction of the White House that falls in line with Steven Bannon's ideology, who McMaster ousted, and Reince Priebus' denial of a major appointment the General wanted to bring onto the NSC.

Steve Bannon targets McMaster

Bannon's beef with McMaster -- as mentioned in the Blasting News article about him restoring order to the council -- has a lot to do with him getting shoved out, as well as not being able to prevent McMaster from succeeding in restoring the council to its original intention, which goes against Bannon's determination to dismantle the administrative state. The Hill reported that the part of the White House that sides with Bannon are attacking the General through leaks, some of which are considered to be conspiracies fed to the media in order to keep the drama alive.

It states that McMaster has less face time with Trump who has also declined H.R's requests to brief him before being interviewed. President Trump has also said in front of others during meetings that McMaster had undermined his policy and at other times, rather than letting Trump ask questions, he's appeared to lecture the President on various issues.

This would appear to fall in line with reports that McMaster has made decisions without getting Trump's approval with trying to remove some of Bannon's own appointments from the council. As stated, if Trump is able to fire James Comey by which he really has already shown his ability to traumatize government infrastructure without suffering any consequences, then removing H.R. McMaster would mean even less to President Trump.