Did Donald Trump fire the head of the FBI for getting too close to exposing his alleged connection to Russia? Apparently, according to White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, the reason Comey was let go from his duties was because of the way he handled Hillary Clinton's email scandal. However, many people noted the timing of his firing is suspicious ---he was fired just days after he revealed that the FBI would be moving forward with the Russia investigation.

Democrats sayTrump's camp is scared

Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's running mate, said that Trump's people must have been really scared to fire Comey.

He was getting close to learning the truth, and the president could have that ---he decided to get rid of him.

"Director Comey's firing is as growing pattern by the White House of covering up the truth, by any means necessary," Kaine tweeted on Tuesday afternoon.

Clinton's camp, who have been critical of James Comey in the past, fears what this may mean for the Russian investigation.

President Trump claims he fired Comey after his attorney general and deputy attorney general recommend he replace the head of the FBI.

In the letter sent to Comey explaining the reasons for letting him go, Trump stated the reason was for "mishandling the email scandal." However, Clinton's camp doubts that it is the real reason he was let go. Kaine felt that had everything to do with the fact that Comey was getting too close to the truth about the Russian hacking the US 2016 election.

Will we ever get to the bottom of Trump's connection to Russia?

While Comey wasn't very popular and many aren't too upset that he lost his job, it brings up an important question. Will we ever find out if Russia hacked the presidential election?

With Comey gone, Trump will likely put someone in office that will halt the Russian investigation.

He will probably encourage the FBI to drop it, stating there is "no evidence" he had any connection to Russia.

According to CNN, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) declared that he believes that the Russian investigation should be handed over to a third party to look at the evidence and come to a decision about the president's involvement. McCain doesn't think Trump should get away with getting rid of the Fbi Director to erase his ties to Russia.

Comey's reputation plummeted during the last few weeks of Clinton's presidential campaign after he decided to re-open an email probe after "new evidence" came up during the Anthony Weiner investigation.

Apparently, Hillary's camp believes that Comey cost her the election.

Even though Comey may have been responsible for Hillary's loss, many felt that James losing his job over the email probe during the Russian investigation is "Indefensible."

FBI worried that a Trump ally would lead the Bureau

FBI agents are concerned that Trump will appoint a surrogate to lead the Bureau. James Comey was liked by the FBI and the notion that the president could fire him without any warning enraged them. By all accounts, Comey was considered a "great leader and independent director."

Mr. Comey's deputy, Andrew McCabe, became acting director while the White House searched a permanent replacement. Many Democrats had hoped that Comey would stay on as the director of the FBI to keep balance within Trump's administration.

Now, it's clear that the president will replace him with someone who will make sure the Russian investigation goes away.

If Trump fired James to put an end to the Russian inquiry, it backfired quickly. Many are calling the decision to get rid of the FBI director to be an "abuse of power." Social media speculated that Trump's plan to make the Russian investigation go away may have backfired in a big way after someone points out that Trump has fired three people that spoke out against him now, Preet Bharara, Sally Yates, and now James Comey.

Do you agree with President Trump's decision to fire James Comey?