A Philadelphia police officer was arrested Wednesday, May 5, 2017, for assaulting his girlfriend outside of a bar located on 52nd Street in the West Philly area while on duty. Officer Antonio Mayhew also injured an innocent bystander while going after his wife in his police vehicle. Although the assault occurred on 52nd Street, the accident occurred about eight blocks ahead near 61st and Walnut Street. Officer Mayhew has been suspended without pay and will likely be dismissed

Being charged

Around 2 am, officers say the incident occurred. Allegedly, after chasing his wife down after the assault, he struck an innocent pedestrian that had to be rushed to the hospital immediately for critical injuries.

Officer Mayhew is just 30 years young and will be charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and a few other charges that have forced Commissioner Richard Ross to take action by suspending the ten-year veteran officer.

Officer Mayhew took extreme measures to pull this incident off. He is assigned to an entirely different district than where the crime occurred. The South Philly district that he is assigned to patrol is a decent distance from the West Philly district. There have been no findings on motives for the ten-year veteran officer.

Multiple police assaults in Philly

The week for the Philadelphia Police Department was a busy and unpleasant one. Aside from dealing with the constant public school brawls blasted over social media, this past week they've had to tend to two different police assault cases that both involved domestic violence.

Officer David Perez of Bucks County, Pa, was shot by his wife Caren Perez after he allegedly assaulted her and chased her outside in their driveway. Caren attempted to leave their home along with their three kids to escape the alleged abuse the night that the incident occurred. Officer Perez was hit once in the abdomen but survived.

He was arrested and ordered to post $75,000 bail. Caren Perez was not charged in the shooting as the police ruled it as an act of self-defense.

Working against Officer David Perez was that he was charged in a prior case in 2015 when he reportedly viciously assaulted his wife in their previous home they resided during the time of that incident.

Despite the horrific details of the event, Officer David Perez was only charged with simple assault in the matter. Officer Perez is only 27 years young and will be scheduled to appear for a hearing on May 11.