Four Russian military aircraft were intercepted by the US Air Force near the coast of Alaska. The US media reported that two of the bombers were Bear Tupolev Tu 95 and two Su-35 'Flanker hunters. They were spotted in the international airspace about 85 kilometers from Chariot, located on the northwestern coast of Alaska. The Russian aircraft were intercepted by two F-22 American Air Force avalanche hunters who were in that area on a routine patrol.

This is another case in a series of recent provocative moves between US and Russian military forces since last month when US President Donald Trump ordered the bombing of the military base in Syria.

Bear bombers Tupolev 95 are aircraft that came into service in the Russian Army in 1956 and were often an active threat to US and British interests during the Cold War.

Russia, Iran, and Turkey have agreed to establish "safe zones" in Syria and halt flights in marked areas destroyed by war, CBS News writes.

Safe zones are closed for US aircraft

Russian representative of the trilateral agreement, Alexander Lavrentiyev, said that this would ban US military coalition flights in safe zones. Lavrentiyev told the Russian media that the planes of the coalition could continue to fight ISIS, but "safe zones have now been closed for their flights."

The Syrian opposition opposes Iran's engagement as it accuses the state of "supporting the sectarian conflict" in which about 400,000 people were killed.

"Iran is a country that kills Syrians, and the killer can not be a savior," the commander Abu Osama Golani said.

4 security zones

The agreement on establishing these zones was brought by representatives of Russia, Turkey, and Iran. Areas are established for a limited period of six months, but after expiration, they can be extended.

There are 4 zones. On the Idlib Province, in the area of the nearby Latakia Province and in the Hama and Homs provinces, East of Damascus, or in the area called East Goth and in the southern provinces of Dera and Quneitra, near the border with Jordan.

The three signatories to the memorandum, Turkey, Iran, and Russia, should ensure that there is no conflict in the area or air strikes in these areas.

They claim that they will achieve that through numerous points and checkpoints.

An interesting statement was made by the Russian Foreign Ministry, that Syrian airspace should be closed for the American coalition aircraft. They added that the negotiations of the Russian and American armies are in progress.