New data gathered by a top group of strategists hired by the Democratic Party said new data shows why Hillary Clinton lost the election against then-Republican candidate Donald Trump. This startling revelation debunks the regular shorthand explanation of why she did not triumph in the election. The usual answer to the question is that the Democratic base did not go out and vote and the difference is that the Republican base showed up in large numbers.

Analytics firm reveals why Democrats lost the election

Hillary Rodham Clinton triumphantly secured the nomination of the Democratic party after she defeated all her male rivals.

On Election Day, Democrat voters were expected to show up and elect the first female president of the nation, however, it was the Republican supporters that made a huge difference in the election outcome.

Undoubtedly, every political survey showed that she would easily defeat then-Republican nominee Donald J. Trump and secure the win for her party. However, as the night progressed into the wee hours of the morning, everyone watched in awe as the billionaire businessman Donald Trump overwhelmingly won.

The group found that Clinton’s defeat is a much bigger problem than what was reported previously. According to the review, Clinton did not connect with the voters that supported ex-President Barack Obama.

Reportedly, they are saying that the same people who ended up voting for Obama during the 2012 election were the same individuals that supported Trump in his unsuccessful 2012 Republican nomination bid.

According to the group, the Obama-Trump supporters make up two-thirds of the voting block that helped Donald Trump defeat Mrs.

Clinton. The Global Strategy Group said Mrs. Clinton did not acquire 70% of those voters. Matt Canter reported that if she had gotten those voters she would have secured the win.

Data should help future presidential candidates

In an effort to educate aspiring party nominees, senators, congressmen and think tank groups, the group provided detailed reports that could help them launch successful bids.

Canter said that members of the Democratic Party thoroughly reviewed the information. Additionally, Clinton's campaign staff reviewed the data, along with Catalist, the data and analytical firm hired by the party. The new findings are very significant for Democrats, especially moving forward.