Donald Trump's statements about different world leaders have been noted by many, especially his words concerning his current dispute with North Korea. Trump has criticized Kim Jong-un for his nuclear weapons, but he has also praised the North Korean leader as well.

Many are aware of the recent tension with North Korea which escalated recently due to the suggestion of the American intelligence agencies that the country is preparing for a nuclear test. Apparently, Trump doesn't like the idea of using nuclear weapons. But recently, US President Donald Trump said that he would meet the North Korean leader despite the continued nuclear weapon tests in Pyongyang.

Trump opens door

In an interview with Bloomberg, Trump said that he would meet Kim Jong-un but "under the right circumstances." He is opening his door to the leader if it would be appropriate to meet him. He added that he will be honored to do it, but emphasized that there would be conditions.

Trump's declaration came just days after he said that a major conflict with North Korea may happen due to their illegal creation of ballistic missiles and illegal development of a nuclear program. The statement of Trump expressing his willingness to meet also came after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the United Nations Security Council should stop North Korea by imposing strict sanctions.

With that, some may end up confused because of Trump's mixed views about North Korea and its leader.

Trump also added that other leaders might not set conditions in meeting someone but he emphasized that on his part, he will only open his doors to Kim Jong-un under the right circumstances.

The conditions

As of now, Donald Trump's conditions have not been set. White House spokesman Sean Spicer said that the president will be honored to meet the leader because he is a head of state, and also clarified that there would indeed be many conditions before a meeting would be contemplated.

Possibly, one condition is to abandon its nuclear program but it seems that the possibility of North Korea agreeing to that is not likely.

The North Korean leader hasn't met other foreign leaders since 2001. As a matter of fact, he hasn't left his country since his father died that same year. The last time he met a US official was back in 2001 when he met with Madeleine Albright.