Michelle Obama did not wear an abaya when she traveled to Saudi Arabia in 2015.She was criticized by many, for not using the traditional headgear, that is required for Muslim women. Among her critics, was Donald Trump. He said the then first lady had insulted the hosts. Today his wife and daughter are guilty of doing the same.

The president on Muslim soil

President Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia on Saturday for his first official visit to a foreign nation. His wife and daughter were also in tow. CNN and other news outlets are showing images of the trio, and the two women's heads are bare.

The very thing Donald Trump criticized Michelle Obama about, is being done by Melania and Ivanka.

Women in Saudi Arabia are required to wear the abaya, to cover their heads at all times. Michelle Obama was quoted as saying she did not don the traditional head gear because she was against the way women are treated in other parts of the world. Now Melania and Ivanka Trump are expressing their independence, to the Saudi people by allowing their heads to be bare. And the president is right on their sides, allowing them to do so.

Saudi customs are different than those in America

Last September, thousands of Saudi women protested against the restrictive regulations that are in place to determine how they live.

More than 15,000 signatures were garnered online from those against male guardianship. Saudi women begin their lives with a father telling them what to do, later a husband, and in older age, it may be a son. Because of guardianship, Muslim women cannot make their decisions regarding medical care, college education, or even where to live.

Wearing the abaya is part of what is required for them.

The Saudi's certainly realize their customs are different that those in most of the world. And many wish to see them changed. Is it, however, good form, for Michelle Obama, Invanka, and Melania Trump to thumb their noses at the Saudi tradition in such a public manner? In a gesture of good will and respect, these 3 women could have put on the abaya.

There is a saying that when in Rome, one should do as the Romans do. More than likely, the former first lady, current first lady and the first daughter did not want to give the appearance that they in any way condone the way women are treated in Saudi Arabia. These high profile American women refusing to wear the traditional head gear, in addition to the growing protests against the harsh rules regarding Muslim women in Arabia may one day bring change from the customs that are in place today.