President Donald Trump is proving himself to be a master manipulator. Even though most Americans agree that a special council probe is necessary, the president considers it a witch hunt. His lies, manipulations, fake news, and alternative facts are increasing, and even some of those who support him are taking notice.

Manipulation in action

President Trump has gone out of his way to change the minds of the citizens of this nation. He redirects the attention of the American people away from anything that he has done. He is always trying to turn the focus onto someone else.

He said Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, and never provided proof. He insisted that he had the popular vote over Hilary Clinton, and this was not true. This is serous manipulation in action.

He calls people names on Twitter, and claims that everyone is against him. The president takes no personal responsibility for any of his choices. Now, in regard to Russian collusion, he is really attempting to play mind games with the American people. He has continued for months to try to convince everyone that the news media is lying about him and writing fake news, and now, it seems the Russians are exposing his manipulation.

The missing visitor log

The White House has a visitor log to keep track of all who enter its doors.

President Trump decided he was going to remove it. This way Americans will not know who is visiting the west wing. Recently, pictures surfaced of a secret meeting the president had with Surgey Lavrov -- the Russian Ambassador. Had the Russians not released these images, the American people would never have known. This is blatant manipulation.

It's obvious that the president wants to do some things in the dark, but, as is the case with these photos, what's done in the dark will come to light.

Let the truth come to light

If there is nothing for the president to hide, he should allow the "witch hunt" to continue and vindicate him. The president protests too much. He is afraid that the truth will show him guilty of Russian collusion.

The fact that the pictures were leaked should indicate to the president that secrets come to light despite manipulation, redirection, and mind games. The president was just shown on CNN, saying that "everybody," including his enemies, is saying that there was no collusion. That simply is not true. Thankfully, he is unable to manipulate Michael Flynn, Robert Mueller, and James Comey.