First Daughter Ivanka Trump recently released a new book, but it hasn't received the best reviews. After promoting her book on Twitter, social media users were quick to fire back

Ivanka's book

When Donald Trump first announced his campaign for president, the initial reaction from the mainstream media was laughter and disbelief. The former host of "The Apprentice" was not taken seriously, and his candidacy was seen as a joke that would quickly flame out. However, Trump found success and popularity early on and was able to ride that momentum to a Republican primary victory, and eventually a general election win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Once it became clear that Trump was going to be the next president, questions were raised over what impact members of his family would have on the administration. For Ivanka Trump, she's become a close voice of reason for the president, while recently being named an adviser to her father in the White House. With Ivanka now having an official role, she's left herself open to increased scrutiny, while also being a leading force, along with husband Jared Kushner, in the opposition to Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. As seen on her Twitter account on May 6, Ivanka kicked her book promotion into high gear.

Taking to her Twitter account in recent days, Ivanka Trump has promoted her book, "Women Who Work," using select quotes, but it hasn't gone over too well with critics.

"Business Tip No. 1: To master communication, ask questions and listen well," Ivanka tweeted out. In a follow-up promotional tweet she once again quoted herself, writing, "When it comes to networking, a single strong bond is better than a stack of business cards."

Twitter reaction

In response to Ivanka Trump's tweets, the critical feedback didn't hold back.

"Didn't you promise not to promote this book due to ethical concerns?" one Twitter user wrote, while receiving a humorous response that added, "She wouldn't know an ethic if she slept with it."

"Your book will be one sale for 80% off by next week," another social media user wrote, with another tweet replying, "Just like her clothing line." "Question: Do you enjoy the overwhelmingly negative response to your asinine tweets, or do you not read the replies?" another Twitter user wondered.

"Tip #1 - The Trump family should leave the White House to save the country from the Trumps," another comment read. The negative tweets kept coming, as it was clear many Americans were not on board with the first daughter and her father.