china has completely denied reports of Chinese pilots intercepting a U.S. plane "unprofessionally" in the middle of the East China Sea. The Chinese ministry said the U.S. report is not accurate and is inconsistent with facts.

What is the Chinese version of the interception incident?

The Chinese ministry of defense posted on its website that on May 17, Chinese fighter pilots intercepted a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft over the Yellow Sea. The ministry added that the Chinese pilots acted to investigate and identify the U.S. plane in accordance with law.

China also reiterated that the interception was professional and maintained safety.

It is reported that China's foreign ministry has noted that Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi exchanged views with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson over North Korea. However, it is not known whether the Chinese interception was included in the dialogue. The meeting of the Secretary of state and the Chinese counselor took place over the phone.

How will the United States act after the alleged interception by Chinese fighters?

The plane intercepted is a WC-135 "sniffer plane" designed to scan radiation levels in the atmosphere near North Korea. This plane was allegedly intercepted in the most unprofessional manner by two Chinese pilots, with one flying upside down above the U.S.


At the moment, the United States will continue its routine surveillance of the Korean peninsula and surrounding areas. The main objective of these surveillance flights is to monitor North Korea's military movements and to "sniff" radiation signatures consistent with an underground nuclear test.

This interception will play a part in the strategy of the U.S.

air force as it maintains its dominance over Korean airspace. It is unlikely that the same "unprofessional" incident will happen again, but it is now possible that U.S. and Chinese air force may get intertwined in another interception anytime soon.

What is North Korea's reaction to the surveillance being done by the United States?

North Korea has condemned the continued U.S. presence in South Korea and in the Korean peninsula. The statement was delivered by North Korean deputy ambassador to the United Nations. Kim In Ryong said that continued U.S. forces in the peninsula will only worsen the tension in the area. This includes the "high-handed approach" by the United States on enforcing severe sanctions and pressure to the country.

North Korea also stated that the only way they will end their nuclear ambition is for the U.S. to leave Korea and lift all sanctions completely.