Support for US President Donald Trump has fallen to the lowest level since the inauguration, a Reuters / Ipsos poll reported on Friday after it was revealed that Trump allegedly disclosed secret information and engaged in an FBI investigation. The survey conducted between May 14 and 18 showed that 38 percent of the respondents approved the moves of their president, while 56 percent does not approve them. The remaining 6 percent have "mixed views".

Trump arrived in Riyadh

President Donald Trump arrived on Saturday in Riyadh, the starting point of his first foreign tour, leaving behind him a homeland scandal for the way he had an impact on the investigation of the possible association of some of his constituency members with Russia.

Air Force One landed at King Haled Airport in Riyadh, where the US President was welcomed with the red carpet protocol. During the afternoon, Trump should talk to King Salman and the leading people of the Saudi kingdom. It is expected that the US President in Saudi Arabia will conclude a weapons deal. On Sunday, the 50 Muslim leaders should hold a speech in which, as announced, they will express hope in the peace vision of Islam.

He has not yet appointed a foreign policy team

Administration officials said that Trump wants to use meetings to create a "united, strong counterattack" of Iranian influence in the region. After Riyadh, Trump will visit Israel, the Palestinian Territories, the Vatican, Brussels, and Sicily where the summit of NATO and G7 is held.

On his 25 000 kilometers trip it is expected of Trump to re-establish American leadership, build relationships with key leaders, and confirm unity between the three world's largest religions, as announced by the White House. Trump at the first international visit is to demonstrate US leadership, although his foreign policy team is yet to be appointed and the administration is working on his views on key issues, including the strategy of fighting the Islamic state and deciding whether to stay in the Paris Climate Agreement.

In Israel, Trump will talk to President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and visit the Palestinian Territory to meet with President Mahmoud Abas.

The main topic of the US president's talks, both with NATO officials and with leaders of Middle East countries, will be a greater burden sharing, US officials said. "It should not be expected that the US will always be able to deal with problems," the White House official said before Trump's trip.