U.S. President Donald Trump and his first lady Melania Trump are currently embarked on their first official international trip since getting into the office. On Monday, May 22, Pres. Trump and Melania arrived from Saudi Arabia to Israel, where a crowd was excitedly waiting for them. What happened next is now yet another viral video of ongoing Donald Trump and Melania memes.

Upon getting off Air Force One at Israel, Donald Trump appeared to offer his hand to the first lady as a gentlemanly gesture. Melania, wearing a chic all-white ensemble, brazenly brushed Pres.

Trump off and swatted his hand away. The First Lady kept her head held high and continued walking down the red carpet laid out for them in the Tel Aviv Airport.

Naturally, netizens all over the world did not let this moment go unnoticed. The brief swatting incident, which was captured on video, has now been turned into internet jokes. Many took to Twitter to comment on Melania's apparent defiance to her husband.

"Melania Trump hates her husband and she's becoming our spirit animal," one netizen wrote. Some turned the video into slowed-down loops to make fun of the awkward moment, while others clearly made fun of the U.S. first couple.

People are debating as to why the First Lady brushed off Pres.

Trump's attempt to hold hands. Some say that perhaps Melania was merely trying to respect the conservative culture of Israel.

It can be noted that Melania has been scrutinized in the past for her seeming annoyance towards her husband. During Pres. Donald Trump's inauguration last January, a video went viral showing the new president turning to look at Melania when her expression turned from smiling to sour.

Just recently, that video gained more publicity when Melania Trump's official Twitter account "liked" the said video.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump has also gotten flak for not wearing the traditional Muslim head scarf in Saudi Arabia, their first stop in their prolonged overseas trip. The FLOTUS also opted to wear pantsuits multiple times during their Saudi visit, where it is customary for ladies to wear long skirts.

Melania spoke on women empowerment during a talk among all-women employee of General Electronics in Saudi. Earlier, she also visited the American International School of Riyadh where she distributed books and educational materials to boys and girls.

After landing in Israel, Melania, and President Trump were pictured at the Wailing Wall, a historic spot in the country. She also tweeted a photo of her visit at a children's hospital and described her tour as "meaningful."