Don't be alarmed, but Tori Roloff just posted a photo of her one-year-old son, baby Jackson, wearing an arm sling. The "Little People, Big World" baby had a major scare over the weekend when he took a bad fall while learning to walk. According to Tori, Jackson was rushed to an urgent care facility as he was in so much pain. Poor baby!

On Saturday evening, Tori took to Instagram Stories to reveal baby Jackson's accident. As In Touch Weekly reported, the 27-year-old mom shared that Jackson took a tumble while trying to walk. Because of this, the one-year-old might have dislocated his arm and his parents were quick to rush him to the nearest clinic.

Baby J's scary fall, Tori tells fans not to worry

"Learning to walk is a hard business for a one-year-old," Tori Roloff wrote in the succeeding photos and videos.

Tori's latest IG posts are two photos of Jackson sporting a splint on his left arm. The "Little People, Big World" star stated that the doctors still aren't sure if it's just a fracture or a case of "Nursemaid's Elbow."

According to, a Nursemaid's Elbow is when a ligament moves and gets stuck between the two bones in the elbow joint. It's a common injury among toddlers. While the condition can be very painful, the good news is that it usually doesn't cause long-term damage.

Despite his major boo-boo, baby Jackson can be seen smiling in Tori's posts.

Tori told her fans not to worry, as her one-year-old son was already back to his "happy smiley self."

"Little man is on the mend and will be back to conquering the world soon!" Tori concluded.

Baby J's first-year milestones

Jackson Kyle Roloff, born on May 12, 2017, is the first grandchild of the Roloff family. He was born with achondroplasia, the same type of dwarfism that his dad Zach and grandma Amy have.

Just last month, the "Little People, Big World" family celebrated baby J's first birthday with a fun picnic party at the Roloff Farms.

In her monthly IG update, Tori got emotional as she reminisced about Jackson's birth. The first-time mom proudly shared her son's milestones and happily revealed that Jackson's personality is now pretty obvious.

He's a cheerful and funny kid who loves to clap and make everyone happy.

At one-year-old, the "LPBW" baby still hasn't taken his first solo steps and according to Tori, he is trying so hard to walk on his own. His curiosity and zealousness may have caused last weekend's tumble, but there's certainly no stopping this brave little guy!

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