Manchester Arena Suicide Bomber salman abedi was caught on camera before he set off a bomb that killed 22 people attending an Ariana Grande concert. At the same time, International Business Times has carried a story about the mother of a teenage gang-rape victim from 2013. She alleges that "she had reported the gang to the UK terror police several times, but they ignored her warnings." Her allegations seem to indicate that the suicide bomber from Manchester was linked to the gang rape and that more of those gang members might have terror connections.

Manchester bomber linked to rapist in photograph

IBT inform us that Salman Abedi, the Manchester Bomber was seen in a photograph, sitting beside one of the convicted rapists. Another interesting angle to the story is that according to the mother, as cited by IBT, Abdullahi Ahmed Jama Farah, a member of the gang was "jailed in February 2016 for creating an Isis "communications hub" in his mother's house in Fallowfield."

Alleging that all of the gang were friends with Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi, might not be proof that they too are involved in ISIS, but she does raise the question that if they were all friends, then there might be a possible link and a danger that some of them might perpetrate the same type of act in the future.

Complaining about what she perceives to be a lack of interest by the police, she said, "They are all friends and they are ending up terrorists and rapists. I can't understand why the police can't follow it up?"

Salman Abedi is dead -- image shows bomber minutes before death

Salman Abedi is now dead, and there is little doubt that he deliberately planned to kill people at the concert.

The photograph shows a young man - just one among thousands that night. In a Reuters handout of the photo there is evidence that he had on a small backpack and according to the Belfast Telegraph, "detectives believe [it] could have held the explosive that tore through crowds exiting the Manchester Arena."

Watch video of Abedi CCTV footage

The picture released by the Manchester police was captured on CCTV and was edited by blacking out the people and scenes in the background.

This could be to protect both innocents and to safeguard other evidence. Calls have gone out for anyone with further information about the bombing to contact police.

Ramadan -- a time of 'peace'

The irony of the Manchester bombing and the senseless deaths of young people is that Ramadan has just started. Ramadan is meant to be all about peace. On Saturday 27th May, about 1.5 billion Muslims across the world began observing the holy fasting month, which this year celebrates anything but peace. The world is currently blighted by bloodshed, conflict, and suffering.