Nothing can stop Katy Perry from meeting her fans in London despite what happened in Manchester after Ariana Grande's show on Monday. On May 25, the "Thinking Of You" singer held a concert at the Water Rats Club where she failed to hold her emotions while talking about the explosion outside the Manchester Arena that killed 22 people, injured 59 others, and has a traumatic experience to thousands of people.

Explosion in Manchester

British authorities were able to identify the identity of the suspected suicide bomber on the Manchester tragedy. A certain Salman Abedi, who allegedly planned the attack with his younger brother was named as the primary responsible person for the act of terrorism that shocked the world.

Earlier reports revealed that Salman and his family are living in Manchester with no permanent address. It was suspected that the alleged suicide bomber came from Syria before he returned to the UK to execute the crime. A US official said the 22-year-old suspect may have been trained by the ISIS before he carried out the deadly attack.

Aside from Salman, his father and brothers were also linked to the Manchester tragedy. In fact, they are currently under the custody of the police authorities. The father, however, denied that the explosion at Ariana Grande's concert was their doing.

'We all love music.'

Musicians from all over the world have expressed their condolences and thoughts to those who fell victim of the tragic incident.

Similarly, Katy Perry paid tribute to those who were killed and were hurt physically and emotionally by the Manchester tragedy.

In the midst of her show, the "Dark Horse" artist broke down and admitted that the past few days have been "really hard" for everyone. She said that what was supposed to be a gathering for music lovers turned into an "awful" night for someone's friend, brother, sister, daughter or son.

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Despite having a heavy feeling, Perry managed to compose herself and encouraged her fans to help in any way possible. The American singer-songwriter also reminded the concertgoers to remain steadfast and not to let the evil win.

After her emotional speech, Perry dedicated a moment of silence to the victims of the Manchester tragedy before she continued the concert show. About one hundred people came to witness the singer's mini-concert at the Water Rats Club, where she held her first ever UK performance ten years ago.