With news that President Donald Trump fired FBI director #James Comey just after he asked for more funds for the Russian investigation, it seems that the internet has come out in full force to demand #impeachment of trump. There are battle cries being called and names being hurled and friendships being broken.

Senator #Richard Blumenthal was quoted as saying that the firing has "catastrophically compromised the FBI's ongoing investigation" whilst even Republicans got on board and asked for an independent investigation. Three Republicans have stepped across party lines to bravely question the president's method of action, whilst democrats such as #Bernie Sanders have asked for the investigation to be independently vetted.

Senator Cory Booker (Democrat), meanwhile, was quoted as saying that the whole matter should set off alarm bells, which it has…. but apparently not in the #White House.

Twitter has been alive with fury for calls to impeach the flawed president and #Richard Nixon's name has been brandished many times. We are certainly living in dramatic times, with a surprising administration that has given the nation a varied set of changes and actions. We will watch to see what happens next…