A promotional video was recently made of Adult Film Actress, Molly Cavalli diving with sharks off the coast of Florida. The video, included end of article, was filmed to promote a sex cam website called CamSoda.

The footage allegedly shows Cavalli being bitten by a lemon shark. Viewers even get to see the blood and the wound the shark made. However, a shark diver who was approached by Cavalli, and who rejected her offer, says the whole shark bite incident was faked.

Fake shark attack?

After it was uploaded to YouTube on May 2, the video was an instant success, racking up almost 15 million views at the time of writing.

The success of the viral video is due to a large part to the shapely form of Cavalli herself, but also to the fact that she was allegedly bitten by the shark.

According to a report by RealClearLife, Bruce Rohrer, a veteran shark diver, has come forward to say the viral video is a fake. Rohrer, who owns Florida Shark Diving, says the Shark Attack was faked for publicity reasons and to get the website’s name into the news.

Cavalli approached Florida Shark Diving about film shoot

Rohrer said Cavalli had approached him, saying they wanted to do a film shoot with some scantily-clad women going diving with sharks.

He said he was immediately skeptical but continued listening to what Cavalli had to say. Once he found out exactly what CamSoda was planning for their promotional video, he declined to get involved.

Rohrer showed the RealClearLife a series of text messages he received from Cavalli, which outlined how they wanted the shark dive to go, including staging a shark attack to make the video go viral.

She actually spelled out in a text message that they wanted to do a fake shark attack for the video. She even specified the special effects makeup that would be used to create the “fake bite,” and how they wanted it to look.

CamSoda found another shark diving company to work with

When Florida Shark Diving turned Cavalli down, she reportedly found another company to be involved in the project, which led to the viral video on YouTube.

According to a report by Yahoo, CamSoda’s vice president, Darren Press, said Cavalli was bitten near the surface of the water and needed 20 stitches in her bite wound. Press continued by saying the company’s intentions were to have Molly dive into the shark cage with a camera and film the lemon sharks as they circled near to her. He added that, from what they had gathered, lemon sharks are relatively harmless and docile, but that Cavalli was the victim of a shark attack.

Shark diver called the viral video an ‘unhealthy stunt’

The New York Post reports that Rohrer was upset with Cavalli for launching what he called an “unnecessary,” as well as “unhealthy” stunt. Rohrer said he has been working with sharks for his entire career.

He is out on the water diving with the sharks 300 days each year, stressing that sharks are “incredible animals” and that they are a “cornerstone species.”

According to Rohrer, there always has to be a healthy level of sharks in the water otherwise the ecosystem breaks down. Florida Shark Diving has reportedly worked with National Geographic and Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” and promotes the importance of sharks to the ecosystem.

RealClearLife quoted scientific findings published in the journal Marine Policy, where it stated in 2013 that 100 million sharks are illegally killed each year. Rohrer continued by saying that so many people are working towards saving the sharks, when someone fakes a shark attack like the one in the viral video, it is “a blow to all that work.”

The Post reportedly tried to contact Cavalli for comment but received no response.