One of the biggest stories to dominate the headlines over the last two weeks has been the reports that Donald Trump shared classified information with the Russians. Trump brought this issue up during a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, but made comments that quickly raised a few eyebrows.

Fox News on Trump

Not long after Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president, speculation grew that he was connected to Russia. Once it became clear that he wasn't going to release his tax returns, Trump faced even more pressure in relation his possible ties to the Kremlin.

The former host of "The Apprentice" would often praise Vladimir Putin in direct contrast to his more critical remarks about other world leaders. In addition, past and present advisers and associates have been revealed to have varying degrees of relationships with Russia, with the highest profiled being retired General Michael Flynn who was forced to resign as National Security Adviser once the story became public. Earlier this month, the Washington Post reported that Trump shared classified information with two Russian officials during a meeting in the Oval Office. Fast forward to present day and Trump addressed this controversy during his trip to Israel, which was highlighted on a May 22 segment on Fox News.

During his Fox News show on Monday, host Shepard Smith highlighted Donald Trump's foreign trip, which included his current stop in Israel where he became the first United States president to visit the holy Western Wall, while later meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu. In the video montage, Smith ran a clip from the aforementioned press conference and meeting between the two leaders.

"I never mentioned the world or the name Israel, never mentioned it, during that conversation," Trump said, before telling the media, "so you got another story wrong."

In response, Shepard Smith decided to do a little fact-checking on Donald Trump's comments.

"That's not what they reported," the Fox News host pointed out. “The Washington Post newspaper and others reported on the sharing of the intelligence," Smith said, before explaining that "none ever claimed the president identified the source as an Israeli...though apparently he just did."

Trump's rough week

After an avalanche of negative stories poured out of the media in regards to Russia, Donald Trump left the White House last Friday and made his way to Saudi Arabia for his first international trip as commander in chief.

With Trump now in Israel, an administration official spoke to reporters on Sunday night and confirmed that the president is already "exhausted," with another week to go before he returns back to the states. While it's unknown how the drama and scandal surrounding Trump and the Kremlin will end, the news doesn't look too promising when even the more conservative-friendly Fox News is pointing out the inconsistencies.