According to CBS 6 News, a Kansas City, Kansas, father confessed to killing his 7-year-old son and feeding his body to pigs. Michael Jones, 46, has been sentenced to life in prison for the cruel acts he imposed on his own son, according to reports. His wife, Heather Jones, 31, is the stepmother. She had already pleaded guilty for her part in the death of the boy. Both parents received the same sentence which is life in prison with no chance of parole for at least 25 years.

Parents of boy

Authorities reported that Adrian Jones' father and stepmother killed the boy by starving him to death.

He had been confined to a bedroom for months and was only let out once a day. He was home schooled so the school system wouldn't find out about the abuse.

Police were called when it was reported that the boy had not been seen for such a long time. The authorities discovered his bones in a pig's sty. After the disturbing discovery, six other children all under 11 years old were removed from the house and put into protective custody.

When authorities pieced together the timeline of Adrian's death, it was concluded that the boy probably died in September or October, but his remains were not found until Thanksgiving 2015. Coroner Dr. Alan Hancock said the boy’s bones had been in the pig enclosure on the Jones' property for several weeks before they were discovered.

Abuse of the worst kind

While there was no evidence of abuse toward the other six children, there was plenty of proof that Adrian had been abused for a long time. He had been removed from his biological mother several years ago because she abused and neglected him. He was turned over to the father and stepmother, where the abuse was even worse.

Officials said that this was the worst case of abuse they had ever heard of. Adrian had been abused, neglected, killed by starvation and eventually fed to pigs.

Adrian had been singled out and treated differently from the other kids because he had a behavioral problem and could not be controlled. The stepmother said he was difficult to handle because he suffered from mental challenges that included severe post traumatic stress and many other issues as a result of abuse and neglect even before he was put in their house, after he was removed from the home of his biological mother.

Unfortunately, the little boy had to suffer so much in his short life, and even life sentences after the fact for his abusers offers little justice.