As part of the second leg of his first foreign trip as commander in chief, Donald Trump arrived in Israel on Monday. After becoming the first president to visit the holy site of the Western Wall, critics of Trump decided to voice their opinion on Twitter which quickly went viral on the social media platform.

Twitter on Trump

With scandals grow inside the White House and the pressure mounting on the administration, Donald Trump left the United States last Friday to embark on a foreign trip to the other side of the globe. The first stop was the kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the former host of "The Apprentice" met with King Salman, took part in a celebration dance, and gave a speech on terrorism that received mixed reviews.

After just three days, a White House official confirmed to reporters that the president was "exhausted," using that as an excuse for why he omitted the term "radical Islamic terrorism" from his aforementioned speech. After departing Saudi Arabia, Trump and his team headed to Israel where the commander in chief was set to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as become the first united states president to visit the Western Wall, the holiest place where Jews are allowed to pray. As Trump did so, Twitter went viral and started to trend on May 22.

After leaving Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump made his way to Israel as he continued his foreign trip.

Upon arrival, the First Couple quickly made headlines when video captured Melania Trump swatting her husband away in his attempt to hold hands. While that minor incident made the rounds in the media, it was Trump's visit to the holy site of the Western Wall that was the bigger news.

Twitter's rebuttal

After the news broke that the president arrived at the Western Wall and photos began circulating on the internet, social media users quickly had the term trending on Twitter.

"Donald Trump leaves a copy of his electoral map win inside the Western Wall," Shannon Watts tweeted out.

"If you're a journalist and you're not mentioning that the Western Wall is on illegally occupied territory, you're not doing a very good job," author Saladin Ahmed wrote on his Twitter account.

"'Western Wall' How is it that devout women are not permitted to pray here while this unrepentant sinner can stick his hand in its crack?" another Twitter user wondered.

"As an American Jew, I'm pretty sure this image makes me more than 'mildly nauseous,' another tweet read while attaching a picture of Donald Trump at the Western Wall.

"Trump,still can't understand why he couldn't land on the Western Wall - it would have made the trip so much shorter!" a humorous social media user added. Though supporters of the president were thrilled with his decision to visit the holy site, critics showed that they are not going to back down from their attack on Trump anytime soon.