Fbi Director, James Comey went on record to debunkTrump's claims denying any Russian involvement with the election. Comey said that Russia is "very involved" and may have helped more than one person get sworn into office.

Comey confirmed that Russia is involved in American politics

According to Occupy Democrats, James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday, and while he refused to comment on many classified topics, he made a shocking claim.

Lindsay Graham (R-SC) asked James if Russian government is still involved in American Politics.

Comey said yes.

Trump still refuses to admit Russian influence

Just a few days ago, Trump took to Twitter to say that Comey made a bad call by not prosecuting Hillary for her "bad deeds." He never mentioned anything about his alleged ties to Russia and used them to help him get elected in November.

What Trump did say was that the Trump/Russia story was a fabrication to explain why Hillary lost the election.

He touted that he won the election, not because of any foreign influence, but because, he ran a "great campaign."

Comey debunked that claim by saying that not only did Russia help Trump in our 2016 election, but they are still affecting his decision.