James Comey admitted that he helped Trump win the election when he sent the letter to House Oversight Committee Chairman, jason chaffetz regarding Hillary Clinton's leaked emails. He added that he knew that letter would be leaked to the press, but he had no other choice. Just ten days before the election last year, Comey sent a letter to Chaffetz stating that the FBI has information that related to Clinton's email server investigation and recommended they reopen the case.

Comey admits he helped Donald Trump win the election

FBI Director, James Comey revealed that he knew that when he sent the letter to Chaffetz about Hillary Clinton's emails, he was aware that it would be leaked to the press.

He added that even though he knew it would be public knowledge within a couple of hours, he had to let Chaffetz know that Hillary's emails were of interest in the Anthony Weiner investigation.

James said that his probe into Clinton's emails was devasting to her campaign. She seemed to be on the road to the White House--- that was until Comey's investigate sent the Democratic voters in a tailspin.

Comey said that when he thinks about how he may have handled the presidency to Trump on a silver platter, it makes him "sick to his stomach."

James claimed that he had no idea that Trump's campaign would use it as a deadly weapon and destroy Hillary's campaign.

However, if he really "knew how Congress worked," wouldn't he have known that the Republicans would use this juicy piece of information to steal undecided voters from Clinton?

The letter that changed the election

On October 28, one week before November 8, Comey sent a letter to Congress that revealed that the FBI learned there were emails that appeared to be pertaining to the Clinton email investigation on the hard drive of Huma Abedin's laptop, which was under investigation to decide if Anthony Weiner had engaged in sexual misconduct via text message with a minor.

The now famous letter swung the election to favor Donald Trump after Clinton had a huge lead for months. At one point, it looked as if Donald was going to drop out of the race.

Clinton said that the shift after the letter was released was dramatic. Trump went into the lead instantly. Hillary's camp noticed that the polls went in his favor about one hour after the letter was published.

Russian ties raised significant questions

During the final ten days before the election, Slate and Mother Jones posted stories that implied that Trump had connections to Russia. The breaking news report had a small impact on Trump's campaign, which caused many people to question whether he had asked for Russia's help to win the election.

The shift in power was short-lived, and Trump's followers remained dedicated to getting him in the White House.

According to Occupy Democrats, Trump started campaigning harder and vowed to "put a task force of investigators" to see that Clinton was put in jail.

He dubbed her as a criminal and a traitor. He went as far as to say that no one should vote for her because she was under FBI investigation. It became a big hurdle in Hillary's campaign as the Republicans touted they couldn't vote for anyone under a federal probe.

Can Comey be trusted?

So, knowing that Comey basically handed the election to Trump, can he be trusted to be objective about Trump's Russian ties? He chose to devastate Clinton's campaign, just days before the election. At the time, many people assumed that Trump had a hand in Comey's decision to reopen the email probe just ten days before the election.

The real dilemma is, can Americans trust Comey to do an unbiased investigation into Trump's connection to Russia and see it through to make sure that the POTUS is prosecuted? If not, the FBI needs to find someone who can see it through to the end.