Jeff Sessions asked Congress top give him money to Declare War on the states that legalized Marijuana. He has said, on multiple occasions that he doesn't see a medical use for cannabis and would like to keep it as a "banned" substance in America.

New budget refused to fund war on marijuana

The new budget of $1 trillion, allowed $1.5 billion for more border control and $12.5 billion for military spending; however, there was no money left for Sessions' war on marijuana.

Congress agreed to the budget, which avoided a government shutdown, until the end of September.

Sessions will continue to push his war on marijuana agenda

Jeff Sessions planned to try to prevent the country, including the US territories from legalizing the use and consumption of medical marijuana. This comes on the heels of marijuana advocacy groups campaign to get cannabis removed from Controlled Substance Act.

On March 15, Sessions address his opinion on marijuana use, comparing it to heroin. A few months ago he stated that he "knows people" who were addicted to cannabis. He added that he doesn't think that replacing heroin and opioids with cannabis is a good idea.

Do you think America needs a war on marijuana, right now?