Donald Trump and the Republican Party took the first step in repealing the affordable care act, or Obamacare, with a successful vote in Congress of their new Health Care Bill. Within seconds of the bill passing on the floor of the House of Representatives, social media quickly went viral.

Big time backlash

It all started after former President Barack Obama won a historic election back in 2008 and became the first African-American president in American history. Within a year of being sworn into office, Obama signed Obamacare into law, and changed how the United States ran its health care system.

While far from perfect, the Affordable Care Act has helped millions become insured, saving countless lives in the process. However, Republicans have opposed the law since its inception, vowing its repeal and replacement as soon as possible. During the 2016 presidential election, all 16 Republicans running for office had a common bond in their opposition to Obamacare, which Donald Trump touted as one of his top legislative actions. The former host of "The Apprentice" road that message to win in the Republican primary election, and later to his shocking upset victory in the general election over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Earlier this year, Trump and Republicans in Congress failed to get on the same page when it came to health care, as the president faced yet another embarrassment in office.

On Thursday, Republicans were able to rally behind "Trumpcare" and pass the bill through the House. As seen on Twitter on May 4, the reaction was not a positive one.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday were a variety of politicians, celebrities, and ordinary Americans who were not pleased with what took place in Washington, D.C.

over the issue of health care. "If the Republicans vote away health care for their big biz big daddies, remember next November," author Stephen King wrote just prior to the bill passing. "You know how you get the GOP in Congress to try out their great new health plan? Make sure they're unemployed in 2018," actor George Takei tweeted out.

"1000s of angry NewYorkers headed 2 meet Trump right now @ the Battleship Intrepid. What he & the Repub House did today deserves the outrage," filmmaker Michael Moore wrote on his Twitter account. "GOP health bill is an obscenity. Before DT can inflict more pain on America, we must rid US of the criminal pathological liar," actor and director Rob Reiner added.

Political push back

"Since Trump misses his old life so much, it's time for Congress to send him back to Mar-a-Lago, full time," Democratic Rep.

Maxine Water tweeted. Rep. John Lewis also added his thoughts, tweeting, "Never have I seen legislative action that reveals such clear disdain for the human dignity of the most vulnerable among us."

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi voiced her opinions on social media, writing on Twitter that "House GOP either does not know the consequences of passing #Trumpcare, or they do not care, or both." Vermont Sen.

Bernie Sanders also made sure to give his viewpoint, and he didn't hold back. "Donald Trump and Republicans just celebrated voting to let thousands of Americans die so that billionaires get tax breaks. Think about that."