Loch Ness Monster fans can breathe a sigh of relief -- the legendary monster has been reportedly spotted once again for the first time in eight months. For months now, it has been alleged that the monster may have died. This was based on the fact that the fabled creature had not been spotted in months.

Nessie lives?

However, Nessie believers are taking note of a new report from The New York Post claiming that the creature has once again been "officially" spotted. On Monday, May 1st, the dry spell was broken according to the new reports. A tourist by the name of Haley Johnson reported to the Loch Ness Monster's official spotting recorder Gary Campbell that she saw the creature.

Nessie Monster sighting listed as credible

Johnson described the possible sighting, revealing that around dusk she saw a large, dark shape in the lochs of Urquhart Bay, which is said to be one of the most popular spots for the legendary monster. Haley Johnson, 28, is a care assistant from Manchester, England, claiming that she just could not believe what she was seeing right before her eyes.

Campbell stated that Johnson reported the sighting, revealing some pretty impressive photographs that were reportedly taken on her iPhone, revealing a mysterious looking creature and calling it a "credible sighting." It is claimed that Nessie sightings usually occur more often in the summer months, but there have been reported winter sightings as well.

The very first photograph taken of the alleged monster was in 1933 by Hugh Gray. Since then, plenty have tried to capture photographic evidence of Nessie and failed, with only a select few placed on the list of credible sightings.

Nessie, is among the list of fabled creatures, along with Big Foot, that many have claimed to have spotted over the years.

Does anyone really know the truth about these popular fabled monsters? At this time, nothing has been 100% confirmed, but these stories will likely continue to inspire people for generations to come.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe creatures such as the Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot really exist?