Not long after Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to Repeal and Replace the affordable care act, Donald Trump decided to brag about their so-called victory. After making a speech at the White House, Trump continued to gloat on social media, but was hit with instant backlash as a result.

Trump on Twitter

The 2016 presidential election will be remembered for a lot of things, but at the top of the list will be Donald Trump and his controversial use of social media. After it became clear early on that the former host of "The Apprentice" was not going to see eye to eye with the mainstream media, he quickly shifted his focus to Twitter in an attempt to bypass the press and get his message across to the American people.

Of all the talking points that were used on the campaign trail, it was Trump's message around Obamacare that resonated the most with conservatives. Riding that message and a wave of momentum through the primary and general election, Trump was sworn into office as the country waited to see what would happen next. Trump's first attempt at a repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act was a failure, as he was unable to convince enough Republicans to support the bill, pulling it before a vote could even take place on the House floor. Despite this, Republicans found success on Thursday as "Trumpcare" passed in the House, much to the delight of those on the right. As seen on his Twitter account on May 4, Trump addressed the issue once again, but didn't get the response he was hoping for.

In a late-night tweet on the matter, Donald Trump puffed his virtual chest out once again over his heath care bill.

"It was a GREAT day for the United States of America! This is a great plan that is a repeal & replace of ObamaCare," Trump wrote on Twitter, before adding, "Make no mistake about it." Attached to the tweet was a video clip from his aforementioned speech in the Rose Garden.

Twitter reacts

Responding to Donald Trump's tweet were a variety of angry Americans on social media, expressing their growing disdain for the billionaire real estate mogul.

"Today was an L for Day Trader Donald (shortsighted!). Stuck inside Fox & Friends bubble. No clue Obamacare is popular," filmmaker Adam Best tweeted out.

Former MSNBC and ESPN host Keith Olbermann also took to Twitter to post a video message about the health care vote, while adding, " @realDonaldTrump today got his wish: to kill Americans on behalf of fanatics. He can burn in Hell." Author Joe Papp decided to give his thoughts, labeling Donald Trump a "disturbed man," while tweeting, "You are insane." "Anyone who voted for Trump is a preexisting moron.

Is that covered under "Trumpcare" or do they have to pay extra?" Twitter user Laura Roberts wondered.

"The selfishness, the cruelty in this bill is staggering," singer and actress Bette Midler wrote on her Twitter account. The negative reactions continued, as it was made clear that many Americans were not pleased with the latest actions by Congress and the president.