Is Donald Trump exhausted from his first foreign Trip as president? A new report suggests that the 70-year-old president may have reached his limit overseas after a gaffe in one of his speeches in Israel. While it seems unusual for Trump to have a problem with stamina after the impressive campaign he ran last year, he might have found his match with the demands of traveling as commander-in-chief.

Is exhaustion plaguing the president?

Donald and Melania Trump are in the middle of their 9-day foreign trip to the Middle East and parts of Europe. The couple, along with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, has been going non-stop from early morning until late night meeting with dignitaries, visiting historical sites, and giving speeches.

On Monday, Donald Trump gave a speech in which he noticeably called Islam extremism "Islamist extremists." AOL News reports that while it may not seem like a big deal, the difference is significant. Islamist defines someone who supports "Islamic militancy or fundamentalism"; Islamic only relates to Islam.

Trump is likely suffering from jet lag and the general fatigue associated with traveling abroad. A White House official summed up Trump's Islam extremist gaffe as "just being an exhausted guy."

Trump criticized Hillary Clinton for low stamina

Donald Trump criticized Hillary Clinton throughout the campaign for not having enough stamina to keep up a grueling schedule to attend rallies. He frequently claimed she had to take breaks and take naps.

He also branded former Republican presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, as having "low energy." Now Trump is getting the same heat from critics.

Some reports have claimed that Trump may delegate some of his foreign travel duties to Vice President Mike Pence. If he appoints Pence to travel on his behalf, it would draw intense criticism over him not being able to keep with the travel demands as president.

Although he's far older than any other president besides Ronald Reagan, Donald has bragged about his ability to maintain a demanding work schedule.

A leader under scrutiny

The president is facing all kinds of scrutiny since arriving in Saudi Arabia. His marriage to Melania is being analyzed once more after she visibly swatted his hand away after landing in Tel Aviv.

When Trump attempted to hold his wife's hand, she swatted it away. She may have done so out of respect for the country's conservative customs, but many reports are suggesting marital problems are involved.

Do you think Donald Trump is exhausted from his first overseas trip? He's being closely observed in how he handles this journey given the fact he's not visiting a Trump property and isn't in control of his surroundings. How this trip concludes will tell the world a great deal about what he can and cannot handle.