States Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Donald Trump’s attack on Syria was done for after dinner entertainment at the Mar-A-Largo club. During the Syrian attack, the united states president was at the swanky establishment enjoying dinner with the President of China as well as other high profile guests.

Wilbur Ross jokes about Trump's bombing of Syria

Ross made the remarks at the Milken Institute Global Conference that was recently held in Los Angeles. In an effort to entertain the people in attendance, Ross jokingly talked about the bombing of Syria's al-Shayran air base.

And according to, the Pentagon, this is where Syria's President Bashar al-Assad stored chemical weapons.

According to Ross, the President leaned over to President XI of China and told him that he had something important he wants to share with him. He added that Trump told Mr. XI the U.S. Military was currently bombarding Syria’s military base with 59 Tomahawk missiles. Ross’s remarks were met with laughter from the audience but while his remark was great entertainment for the crowd, Syria had reported that 15 people died in the U.S. missile airstrike.

Sarin gas attack killed 86 people including 33 children

On April 6th the United States military sent warships to the Mediterranean Sea, where 59 Tomahawk missiles were launched from the U.S.

submarine at the Syrian army base. The assault was in response to the release of deadly chemicals on Syria's innocent citizens. Live videos show scores of men, women and young children that were killed or severely affected by the deadly gas.

The airstrike authorized by Donald Trump was centered on the western region of Syria near the city of Homs.

According to several reports, this is where the deadly sarin gas killed over 86 civilians inclusive of 33 children. Reportedly, Bashar al-Assad's loyal forces had carried out the deadly attack; however, the Syrian President vehemently denied responsibility for the deadly attack.

In a recent development last week, Russia’s defense minister claimed that the strike carried out by the United States Military had put their military at risk.

However, immediately after the U.S. missile attack on Syria, Russia sent out a critical message to the United States President. Vladimir Putin warned that if the U.S. military launched another airstrike against Syria, the Russian military would engage the U.S. military in a “real war”.