Hillary Clinton came out of hiding to talk about her devastating loss in November and what led to the Democrats losing the election. The former Democratic presidential candidate believes that FBI director, Comey, sexism and the Wikileaks Russian scandal contributed to her loss.

The FBI investigation

Comey's announcement to reopen Clinton's email server scared off potential voters. Those who may have been on the fence about who to vote for may have decided to vote for Hillary after the investigation came out.

Many Trump supporters said at the time that they couldn't back a candidate that was under an FBI probe, so the choice for them was simple.

Little did they know that less than three months later, the golden boy, Trump would be under a full-scale FBI investigation for his (illegal) ties to Russia.

Wikileaks released Clinton emails

If it was just the FBI investigation, Hillary might have been able to recover. However, at the same time, she faced another scandal---Wikileaks posted a series of emails that incriminated Clinton.

In the hacked emails, Hillary's stance on gay marriage, a plan to defeat Sanders, and a plan to push for Trump to be her opponent so she would have a better chance at winning.

What these emails did to Hillary's campaign was devastating. They made it hard for anyone to trust her. People who were on her side began to question whether she was a good candidate o not.


Clinton believes that sexism played a part in her loss, too. She would have been the first female American president. She now believes that America may not have been ready for a woman president.

Clinton noted that another obstacle she faced was people found her threatening because she is a successful woman who has accomplished more than some men in politics.

Hillary spent years as a high-powered attorney before becoming the first lady. Later, she ran for a New York Senate seat and served with President Obama as the Secretary of State.

Even with her 2016 loss, she has had quite a career.

The last ten days decided her loss

Clinton said that she ran a "good campaign," not perfect but it was good. She said that everything was going well and it looked like she was going to win the election, until the last ten days when Americans reacted to the Russian-led Wikileaks email hack and Comey's investigation.

Even though she lost the election in November, she is proud of her campaign. She admits to making mistakes in her campaign but believes that she would have been a better president than Trump, even to this day.

Clinton baited Trump

Hillary said that she beat Trump in the popular vote by three million votes, even though he won the Elector College.

Hillary added that she was sure that she would hear from the president or he would tweet about it.

"Fine. Better than the interfering in foreign affairs," Clinton said, according to CNN. "If he wants to tweet about me than I am happy to be the diversion because we ha a lot of things to worry about. He should worry less about the election and my winning the popular vote than doing some other things that would be important for the country."

Of course, Trump responds

President Trump responded to Clinton's comments. He said that Comey was the best thing that happened to Hillary, giving her a free pass to her "bad deeds," and cleared her of any wrongdoing.

Trump claimed that his alleged connection to Russia was an excuse the Democrats created to explain why they lost the election. Of course, he had to point out that the reason he won was because he ran a "great campaign."

Hillary Clinton spoke openly about her loss and reflected on the events that lead up to lossing the election to Donald Trump. She announced that she is working on a book that explains in detail why she lost and what the Democrats need to do to win back the presidency.