It was reported by several news media outlets that Russian Spy planes have flown close to the Alaskan coastline since Monday. The U.S. armed service reported that the planes were seen four nights in a row since the beginning of this week.

However, this is not the first reported incident, the earliest sighting this year happened back in February when military planes from Vladimir Putin's country were spotted cruising along the Eastern bank of the United States. The planes in February's incident were identified by the military as atomic Tu-95H bombers.

According to a report by the Cable News Network (CNN), the North American Aerospace Defense Command reported on Friday that the latest occurrences made it four times in this week alone.

Vladimir Putin sent bomber jets to Alaska

The news center also stated that after the recent sightings on Monday and Tuesday night, there was another sighting on Wednesday and the latest on Thursday. Late Wednesday night, two IL-38 maritime patrol aircraft were seen hovering along the Aleutian Island in northern Alaska, and the second sighting involved two Russian Tu-95 nuclear-capable Bear bombers. While they lingered along the coastline, they did not try to enter American waters, but stayed within the confines of international waters.

The Russian long-range rocket launchers were picked up on the U.S. Military radar. Also, Syria moved its military base closer to Russia, in an effort to be protected underneath the Russian umbrella should the United States decides to bomb the Bashar al-Assad regime again.

Is Russia getting ready to bomb the United States?

The political leaders in Washington reportedly are not taking the latest development as a threat against the United States of America.

But according to several reports from the U.S. capital, the U.S. government stated that Russia may be showing them that they can enter the American airspace and no one can actually stop them. However, it is reported that the situation is closely being watched by the United States Military and government officials in Washington.

The big question that everyone is asking right now, is whether or not Russia is getting ready to bomb the United States. Notably, just a few months ago, President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin were seemingly on friendly terms. However, the relationship soured after Trump bombarded Syria's military after scores of innocent civilian lives were lost as a result of a chemical attack that was blamed on the Assad regime.