Tennis mega-star Serena Williams announced her pregnancy to the entire world a few days ago. The soon to be Mrs. Alexis Ohanian is about five months pregnant with her fiancee's kid. The famous tennis player astonished her fans yet again when she posted a photo of her baby bump on the well-known SnapChat social media site. And once again she surprises everyone just as she did when she posted on Reddit, the cute message announcing her engagement to the Reddit co-founder.

Serena Williams shows off '20 weeks' captioned photo

Obviously, her engagement news sent the social stratosphere in a frenzy just as it is doing right now with the announcement of the impending stork's arrival on the couple's doorstep later this year.

Serena, in the photograph, seems to be elated at the idea of becoming a mother. The new mama-to-be flaunted her growing baby bump in a yellow bath suite with the words "20 weeks," as its subtitle.

Williams, who is 35-years-old has been on the tennis circuit for well over a decade now. She is one of the darlings of the women's tennis fraternity. Currently, the powerful star has won more titles than anyone else that haS played the game since its inception way back in the early 1900's. However, currently, Serena is ranked number two in the world, and has also won more Grand Slam titles than any other players in the prominent sport.

Overall, She has won 23 titles with her latest win coming against her sister Venus Williams at the Australian Open back in January.

In that game, she triumphed over her older sister with a 6-4, 6-4 win to add another shiny object to her sparkly contingent of gold colored trophies.

Will Serena finally hang up her tennis racket?

While the tennis superstar was able to hide her pregnancy from public scrutiny for a whole five months, she had started to show subtle signs when she pulled out of consecutive tennis tournaments earlier this year.

In March, she withdrew from the Indian and Miami tennis games, asserting that she was having issues with a sore knee. However, now it appears that the multiple time tennis champion had withdrawn because of her pregnancy.

However, by our maternal calculation, she would have been just about three and a half to four months along in her pregnancy.

And while many are questioning if the tennis star will hang up her racket after the birth of her baby as well as getting married to her fiancee, the star sees no reason why she should quit the game. Williams already promised that she will definitely be back to entertain her legion of enthusiastic followers.