The Spy drama is not confined to the world of James Bond but many such incidents take place in real life. One incident that has come to the fore is the case of an FBI agent named Daniel Greene who was hired as a translator by the FBI. Daniel was a German when she married an American soldier and moved to the United States.

In 2011, after extreme vetting, she was selected to join the FBI as a translator. This was because of her proficiency in German. In 2012 Daniel was sent to Syria to keep tabs on an Islamic State functionary named Denis Cuspert.

This man was a German who was a rapper earlier. In 2010 a near-death experience in a car accident deeply affected him. After recovery, he converted to Islam and took the name Abu Talha al- Amani. He became an admirer of the Islamic state leader Abu Al-Baghdadi.

He also composed a song praising Osama Bin Laden. He has announced that the Islamic state would spread to America. In a video, he mocked and gestured with a finger at the neck of president Obama. This was meant to signify his beheading. He was also responsible for a fake video showing American soldiers raping Islamic women. Cuspert fled Germany in 2012.

Love and marriage

Daniel flew to Turkey and then traveled by road to the Syrian border.

There she met the man she was to shadow. Instead of doing her duty, she fell in love with the man and married him. She also warned him that the FBI was after him.

After a few weeks, Daniel realized that she had committed a mistake. She decided to leave Cuspert and managed to leave Syria. She returned to the USA and was promptly arrested but the saving grace was, that she confessed her crime to the FBI and promised to co-operate with the agency.

The FBI believed her.


Her case was heard by the court and awarded her a two-year prison sentence. The sentence was very lenient as people with lesser crimes have been given stiffer sentences. The FBI probably went soft on her because they felt that she had committed a genuine mistake and had regretted it.

The lady has now been released from prison last year.

Her location has been kept secret by the FBI to ensure that she is not harmed, as the Islamic state is a revengeful organization


The US military later announced that the German rapper Cuspert has been killed in an air strike. Later, it was clarified that the man had escaped death during the air strike and was still alive. The incident raises disturbing questions for which there are no answers.The FBI must also answer why it was so lenient with Daniel.