For decades, the state of Oregon always commenced its yearly Portland Rose Festival with an opening parade from the 82nd Avenue of the Roses. However, after someone sent a threatening e-mail to facilitators orchestrating the event, federal authorities chose to cancel the event. The suspect singled out the Republican Party of Multnomah County (MCRP) in the text. Media sources revealed that someone sent the message from "" threatening to aggressively impose on the MCRP members’ parade if they chose to proceed with the event as planned.

Notes from the text

In the message, the unknown entity boasted about how much power it allegedly possessed in the city’s downtown area. The suspect behind the message warned that Portland’s local law enforcement didn’t have the capabilities to stop those actions, so the MCRP needed to consider what it planned to do during its annual event.

The mysterious correspondence also referenced the 2016 presidential election and the riots that formed in Portland because of it. The writer failed to mention any groups or organizations of affiliation, however, the message did include hyperlinks to multiple pages on Facebook that had distinctive references to Oregon Students Empowered and the Direct Action Alliance.

The Portland community reacts

The alliance terminated its plan to protest shortly after the MCRP canceled their parade publicly. The group noted that they plan to implement another even later, but they won’t be the ones to orchestrate it. Jacob Bureros, an event coordinator for the Direct Action Alliance, stated to The Oregonian that he found the cancellation of the parade to be terrible news.

The facilitators were the ones who initially solicited the MCRP to pull out from the event. At the time, however, the group’s leader, James Buchal, declined. Instead, he requested for the city of Portland to provide more law enforcement as security protection for the parade. Buchal commented that his social group happily prepared themselves for their participation in the event.

They intentionally paid little mind to the threats because they’ve affiliated themselves with the event for many years without any problems or conflicts of interests He further noted that the MCRP chose to cancel the event only because the city failed to provide extra security.

Groups within the Portland community are still urging the city’s inhabitants to view the companies on 82nd Avenue this weekend despite the cancellation.