The unavoidable reality of some of the campaign promises made by the U.S. President is finally starting to become a nightmare. President Trump had unsuccessfully tried several times to uphold his campaign promise of building a border wall between Mexico and the United States.

The huge divider between both countries would stem the flow of immigrants entering the U.S. through the border that separates both nations. But Trump is still adamant that he will find the funding to build the immigration wall, even while several analysts had reported that the large sum required is currently not in the budget.

Trump's opponents — border wall funding a failure

At a recent press conference, the President told reporters that he will hold out until September to fight for the money needed to fund the project. Donald Trump's first 100 days in office are fast approaching and the failure to find funding to build the wall will be seen as another disappointment to the Press and those against his presidency. However, the President reiterated that his supporters will view him favorably, someone who is battling to find ways to honor his commitments. And according to Trump, his supporters would give him an “A” for all his efforts.

However, at midnight on Friday, a potential shutdown by the government is looming because the President had refused to sign the funding bill to fund the U. S. government. But Mick Mulvaney, the House budget director, on Tuesday confirmed that Trump had agreed to sign the funding bill even if there was no monetary provision to build the wall needed to stem the flow of thousands of illegal immigrants into the United States.

Democrats provide large sum for border security

In a recent interview on “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” the CNN show, Mulvaney stated that in the last few days, the Democrats had set aside a large amount of money to protect the U.S. border. Mulvaney also acknowledged that Trump would definitely sign the bill to prevent a government shutdown, even if he did not receive the funding for his border wall project.

The budget director also stated that the President has a clear priority for his administration. Adding that the money provided for border security would allow the President to go through with his promise to tighten security at the border. However, he reiterated that the Republican administration will continue to demand funding to erect the bordering wall.

For now, he said, it is better to get the things that everyone has agreed on in order to prevent the U.S. government from shutting down and crippling the economy.