A sheriff’s deputy from Hinds County, Mississippi issued a civil suit against R. Kelly this week. The R&B vocalist supposedly engaged in extramarital relations with the law enforcement agent’s wife. Kenny Bryant says that not only did he endure both mental and emotional anguish from the alleged affair, he also suffered money-related losses. The lawsuit states that the plaintiff’s wife, Asia Childress, confessed to having a close association with Kelly before she married her husband back in July 2012. Childress claimed that the two ended their intimate relationship with one another.

However, she revived their sentiment after she attended one of his concerts a few months after her wedding.

Lawsuit confirms infidelity and STDs

The document affirms that Childress didn’t engage in any sexual activity with the plaintiff between October 2012 and February 2013. However, it also notes that she received treatment for Chlamydia during that time. Bryant accuses Childress of contracting the STD during her extramarital affair with R. Kelly.

Shortly after this incident occurred, the Sheriff Deputy claims his significant other convinced him to move with her to Atlanta so she could further her professional endeavors. He believes she only wanted to go there so she could proceed with having an intimate relationship with the multi-platinum artist.

During that time, he asserts, Childress kept running off to accompany R. Kelly on his tours. Bryant states that he suffered financial ruin during the transition from Georgia to Mississippi. After he relocated, he mentioned that he couldn’t find a suitable job to help him maintain his household obligations.

Bryant additionally affirms that Childress filed for divorce due to R.

Kelly deliberately choosing to ignore him and his wife’s marital vows. The lawsuit claims that Bryant attempted to hold his marriage together, yet his endeavors couldn't sustain against R. Kelly’s sexual relationship with his wife. Bryant alleges that the infidelity lasted for years, causing distance in his relationship with Childress.

As a result, he is seeking compensation.

Kelly has a cold history

Robert Sylvester Kelly, acknowledged in the music world professionally as R. Kelly, is an American singer and songwriter who produced several iconic tracks for some of the most prominent names in the entertainment industry. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Kelly started his music career in the late 1980s. He debuted back in 1992 when he became a member of the notorious group, Public Announcement. The American Recording Industry Association (RIAA) honored R. Kelly as one of America’s finest music artists after he sold over 40 million albums, as the fifth African-American performer to ever make it onto their top 50 list.

Despite that fact, R.

Kelly's image has been marred by allegations of sexual assault. Years after the federal courts acquitted him of child pornography charges, R. Kelly finds himself in the middle of more sexual allegations that are once again making news headlines.