On Thursday, Donald Trump praised the successful strike on the ISIS stronghold in the foothills of Afghanistan. Trump applauded the mission as extremely effective. However, while everyone was tuned to the Syrian mission and the tension unfolding between the United States, Russia and North Korea, the U.S. President surprised the world with the bombing of the Islamic State group.

Trump promised to completely annihiliate ISIS in 2017

Just about a week ago, Trump ordered a strike against Bashar al-Assad's military air base in response to the chemical attack by the Assad government on regular citizens, killing at least 100 innocent individuals.

Meanwhile, utilizing their biggest arsenal of non-atomic bombs the U.S. military strengthens their stronghold to launch the battle against the Islamic State activists. The unprecedented strike occurred around nightfall in the Nangarhar region of Afghanistan.

President Trump promised the American people while he was on the campaign trail that once he was elected as the next U.S. leader, he would launch progressive endeavors to completely annihilate ISIS in 2017. And thus far he has moved to complete one of his promises that got him into the White House.

‘Mother Of All Bombs’ dropped on ISIS fighters

According to CNN's Pentagon journalist Barbara Starr, the military's goal was to drop bombs on most of the ISIS leaders in an effort to kill them off.

A report from the Associated Press indicated that the military utilized the GBU-43 bombs otherwise referred to as the Massive Ordnance Air Blast. It is also affectionately known as the "mother of all bombs," and built with 11 tons of explosives.

General John W. Nicholson, in a report, stated that this type of bomb was chosen to limit the overall damage to Afghanistan, but would be effective against the ISIS militants who were utilizing IEDs for their protection.

Marck Cancian, the senior counsel at the Center for Strategic and International Studies reported to the WorldPost that the particular weapon was chosen because of its capability to drive deep into underground passages.

The U.S. Military's successful mission killed 36 ISIS militants. Thus, the planned strike, according to witnesses on the ground, proves that President Donald Trump is ready to strategically plan his strikes against the Islamic State aggressors, no matter how deep underground they hide.