Are we headed to war? That should be the big question on every American’s mind as well as the rest of the world since the atmosphere is now quite tense between the United States, Russia, and North Korea. Both countries recently expressed their displeasure over the weekend after the U.S. president ordered warships to move closer to the North Korean border. And the U.S. military dropped over 50 missiles on Syria’s military base in response to the release of deadly sarin gas on its citizens.

Putin warns Trump of war if he attacks Syria

However, this was an unwelcome move to Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

While the relationship with the Kremlin sank to an all-time low, President Trump also managed to create more tension with Kim Jong Un. A few weeks ago, the United States, along with South Korea missile vessels, carried out several drills in the waters shared by both countries. Kim Jong Un, North Korea's leader retaliated by launching a few missiles to show that his country is capable of defending its territory.

Kim Jong Un warns Trump of dire consequences

The latest development over the weekend had Kim Jong Un threatening that if his country came under attack by the United States or South Korea there would be consequences of massive proportions. The North Korean leader, un-phased by the United States and Asian countries’ sanctions, continues to build up his military arsenal as well as prepare his army for war.

In March, North Korea carried out a military drill with missiles that landed as far as 620 miles away (approximately 1,000 kilometers) from Japan. Japanese officials confirmed that three of the missiles landed in the waters surrounding their country.

However, U.S. and South Korean officials cited that the drills carried out were a routine practice in the area.

But Pyongyang officials argued that both countries were rehearsing for an impending attack against North Korea in an effort to topple its leader.

Notably, the recent development over the weekend set the world on edge as Putin threatened the U.S. with Real War if it launches another attack against Syria's Bashar al-Assad. And Kim Jong Un also warned President Trump, declaring that there would be dire consequences if the U.S. President launches an attack against his country.