A fresh #Gallup poll released today should send a clear message to #mainstream media. Ever since the democrats were soundly defeated at local, state and federal levels on November 8, their embedded ilk in mainstream media have flooded airwaves and big-city newspapers with bombastic, highly editorialized so-called news pieces aimed at discrediting the Republican revolution of 2016. Apparently, that political party and its once formidable allies in mainstream media failed to understand why fewer Americans listen to their irritable anti-Republican rants.

Decline of Democratic Party mirrors perception of media bias

The aforementioned Gallup poll suggests that #mainstream media’s sharp decline in credibility is tied directly to its blind allegiance to a struggling Democratic Party and an extreme reliance on #political correctness as the backbone of journalism. While the new Gallup Poll results are clear, embedded Democrats within mainstream media have resided over the praise and decimation of the Democratic Party for years with no sign of changing.

According to the poll, increasingly, the American people believe media is in bed with the Democratic Party. A stunning 62% believe mainstream media favors one political party over the other while a larger majority say media favors Democrats in their reporting and journalistic endeavors.

Starkly, only 27% now believe U.S. media is unbiased. Meanwhile, only 22% believe the media favors Republicans. In 2000, about 50% of Americans believed media to be biased, which suggests a double-digit increase, according to Gallup. A whopping 64% believe that media favors #Democrats.

Poll shows fewer Americans believe media

In addition to finding that Americans believe media is #biased in favor of Democrats by hefty margins, the poll finds that most Americans believe news organizations are often wrong in their reporting. A majority of 55 % of U.S. adults say that news organizations' reporting and editorializing are "often inaccurate." Only 36% of respondents believe news organizations get the facts right.

Perceived media bias behind DNC decline

Interestingly, the Democratic Party has not benefited politically but has sharply declined in power due to the perceived bias. During 2016 elections, Republicans took control of the White House, maintained control of Congress (both houses) and gained governorships while taking control of far more statehouse legislatures than Democrats. Accordingly, a growing number of pundits and experts believe the perception of Media Bias may be driving more voters away from the Democratic Party than it attracts, ensuring a more extreme, left-leaning leadership and agenda at the DNC.