An Austin, Texas teacher is accused of having not one, but two relationships at the same time with two underage students. CBS sister station KEYE reported the educator’s twisted triangle of sordid sexual affairs with the two 17-year-old students. Currently, she is charged with two offenses for having inappropriate contacts and communications with the minors.

The case prosecutor has recommended a 10-year sentence behind bars for the teacher; however, the Trial Judge has the mandate to approve the suggested prison sentence. A report obtained from the police department indicated that one of the students met Ms.

Haeli Wey back in June 2015, when he embarked on a youth ministry program.

Teacher and student had sex on family trip to Africa

Subsequently, the teacher accompanied the minor and his family on a trip to the African Continent. At that time, Wey, who worked as a math tutor until October 2015 at the Westlake High School, was 28 years-old. She was arrested by the Austin police department after it was revealed that she was sexually involved with both minors for several months.The police have reported that both incidents happened in late spring and throughout the fall of 2015 when the boys were at the state’s legitimate age of consent. However, under the laws of Texas, educators are prohibited from being in compromising relationships with students, even if they are 17, the state’s sexual consent age.

Teacher in sex scandal may receive 10 years in prison

One of the students reported that while they were in Africa, his relationship with Ms. Wey turned from a teaching relationship to a more physical one. The young man told the investigating officers that he and Wey had sexual intercourse more than 10 times. However, according to the young man, he broke off the relationship after he found out that she became involved with another student.

Wey communicated with the other student in early 2015, through a social media website. A series of texts between the teacher and the student were documented in the arrest affidavit. Ms. Wey had invited the second victim on a hike in the woods and had asked him to delete all conversations from both phones.The compromising relationship between the teacher and the two students were reported by another juvenile, who found the text messages on the second victim's phone.

A report was made to the authorities and Ms. Wey was subsequently arrested and charged with improper sexual conduct with the students. The teacher will be sentenced by the trial judge on March 10.