There were only a couple of hours left for Terrill Thomas to serve an eight-day stay in isolation at the Milwaukee County jail when something went terribly wrong.The man was locked up for a year in the county jail, however, according to eyewitnesses, he was placed in isolation as punishment for his behavior. After being locked away for seven days and when he had just a few hours to make it to the end of his punishment,a tragedy happened.

Guards cut off water to inmate's cell as punishment

The guards went to check on the inmate and found him lying on the prison's floor.

He was dead.The 38-year-old man spent his last days begging for water, according to a report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Prisoners inside the facility told the investigators that the prison staff had cut off the water to his cell as punishment for his bad conduct.

The inmate's lifeless body was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead by the medical staff. His body was later removed to the medical examiner's office, where an investigation was launched to ascertain the cause of death. According to the autopsy report, the man had died from, "significant lack of hydration." Additionally, the examiner listed his death as homicide - meaning he met his demise on the account of others.

Subsequently, Sheriff David Clarke enraged by the tragic event, launched an investigation into the senseless crime. However, now it has been about a year since the tragedy unfolded and to date, no criminal charges have been made regarding the death of Thomas. The county prosecutors revealed this week that an investigation is currently launched to gain valuable insights into the case.

They have also reported that they will find out who should be charged regardless of their official status.

It was also disclosed to the court on Monday by the prosecutors that the inmate had no water for seven days and a few hours into the eight day. Additionally, the Journal Sentinel reported that he had lost 35 pounds and was very frail and calm before he died in his cell.

Assistant District Attorney Kurt Benkley advised the jury that they should try to answer three questions - What was the reason for his passing? Was it caused by a criminal act? And who or what led to his demise?

Security system shows guards cutting off water supply

According to Wisconsin law, an investigation is warranted when a person's death is viewed as suspicious. And after witnesses are called to a court of law, the jury or judge decides the fate of the accused individual or individuals. Benkley, in his opening remarks, said that the three prison guards who were assigned to work that day were seen on surveillance video removing the water supply from the dead man's cell.

And according to the Journal Sentinel, none of the three guards documented what they had done.

They simply neglected to record their callous behavior. Additionally, according to Fox 6, on Monday, officer DeCorie Smith affirmed that prisoners were usually served beverages on Sundays with their suppers. However, Smith said during the week, they get their supply of water from their Prison Cell faucets.