Disrespectful cannot sum up how many of Rihanna’s fans felt about her today! One fan stated that she was utterly disrespectful and that is just one of the numerous angry remarks that the singer found posted on her Instagram page.

The Barbadian singer is now embroiled in a social media firestorm after she compared herself to Britain's Queen. Many fans have lashed out at her, at what they claim is disrespectful to Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, and several followers have voiced their opinions, stating that the singer/actress should have chosen some other high-profile celebrity to compare herself to.

RiRi posted inappropriate photos of the Queen

Notably, Queen Elizabeth II is the Official Head of States of Barbados, (the Caribbean island where Rihanna was born), as well as Jamaica, Canada, Bahamas, Australia, and several other countries.

Queen Elizabeth just celebrated her 91st birthday over the weekend. Obviously, the grand occasion is a much-celebrated event, especially for anyone that has lived for nine decades and counting. However, the famous entertainer posted four photographs on her Instagram page with the Queen's head photo-shopped onto her body in quite a few inappropriate attires and provocative poses. While the Barbadian artist created the pictures in the name of fun, many of her 1.3 million Instagram followers did not share her sentiment.

Angry fans schooled Rihanna on the word humble

Her fans did not find the distasteful photographs cute and RiRi definitely did not expect the ensuing backlash that her trusted followers would unleash on her. Rihanna captioned one of the photos "be humble," but her fans schooled the singer on the meaning of the word. Many commenters wondered: How can you preach about being humble when you are disrespecting the Queen Of England?

But, while most of her fans did not find the humor that RiRi had intended, others did not have any problem with the photo-shopped photos. One follower commented that the Queen should be dying from laughter, along with her grandson, Prince Harry. The post went on to state that the famous Barbadian pop artist, whom the Prince had previously met, definitely would be laughing at the pictures of his grandmother’s head on the body of the 29-year-old singer.