On Monday morning, FBI Director James Comey was questioned during a congressional hearing over Russia's interference during the 2016 election. When Comey debunked Donald Trump's recent wiretapping conspiracy, the president wasn't happy and lashed out on social media.

Trump trolled

Over the last three weeks, Donald Trump has continued to stand by his allegation that former President Barack Obama found a way to spy on him during the election by wiretapping Trump Tower. No evidence has been submitted to back up the allegations, but the former host of "The Apprentice" continues to insist his claim is accurate.

After James Comey went on the record, speaking for the FBI and Justice Department, and shot down the wiretapping conspiracy, Trump took to Twitter to bash Comey and the Democrats. In response, Alec Baldwin and other Hollywood stars reacted, as seen across Twitter on March 20.

While live-tweeting the aforementioned congressional hearing, actor Alec Baldwin decided to mock the president. "Comey wants you to know he f***ed Hillary's campaign bc that investigation was complete," Baldwin wrote on Twitter, before adding, "Trump/Russia is classified bc Trump is a GOP nutbag." Baldwin, who plays a satirical version of Trump on "Saturday Night Live," continued to give his thoughts on the hearing for the remainder of the afternoon.

Actor George Takei also chimed in, and as expected, didn't hold back his thoughts on Donald Trump. "For Trump, it's just another Manic Monday on Twitter.

He's going to need an overhead for that transparency. And an IMAX for that projection," Takei wrote. "Donald, the FBI may have helped you win the presidency, but it sure isn't helping you keep it," he added in a follow-up tweet, using the hash tag, "#RussiaGate."

Hollywood reacts

Ever the outspoken critic of Donald Trump, actor and director Rob Reiner also made his opinion known.

"What we now know for sure: 1.The pathological liar lied about Obama tapping him. 2. FBI investigating Trump/Russia collusion," Reiner tweeted, while using the "#Trumprussia" hashtag.

Rosie O'Donnell made sure to attack the billionaire real estate mogul on her Twitter feed, suggesting that Donald Trump might not be in office for that much longer. "Do u feel it Donald ... the walls closing in on u ... dumb dum dum dumb," O'Donnell tweeted, while adding hashtags, including "#itsOVER," "#criminal," and "#treason."

Next step

As the pressure continues to mount on Donald Trump over his baseless wiretapping conspiracy, and scandal involving Russia, the White House is struggling to change the narrative. With even many Republicans no longer wanting to be associated with the president, it's unknown what move Trump will make in the near future.