According to his Tax Return, President Donald Trump isn't a regular Republican.

When two pages from his 2005 tax return were leaked to MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show on Wednesday, many spent their time and energy focusing on the amount he paid and who leaked it.

But one detail seemed to go by unnoticed at first.

On this tax return, Trump actually ticked the box that supports the public financing of national elections on his 1040 form.

What does the box mean?

The Presidential Election Campaign Fund gives public electoral campaign financing for those candidates who are willing to adhere to a set of strict rules and limits on spending, which is not how Democrats or Republicans generally fly in campaigns.

It's also definitely not what Republicans believe in – they believe in private business funding, small government and less checks on personal freedom and rules.

The 'big government' fund was put into place after Nixon's #Watergate scandal and it has sustained and buttressed nearly every national campaign since.

Barack Obama became – in 2008 – the first candidate to reject the funding, despite an earlier guarantee he in fact would take it. In the last election, neither of the major party candidates took the money. Checking the actual box on the return doesn't actually cost the filer a thing – it simply channels the $3 into a fund by the IRS.

The fact Trump checked it shows us just what a political chameleon he is.