As reported on Blasting News, Chiengkham Vilaysane, 31, purposely left her young daughter behind at the Riverside Food 4 less grocery store on Sunday. The first time the child strayed away from her mother in the store, a Good Samaritan took her back to Vilaysane, who simply told them to “just leave her.” It seems the child wandered off for a second time and her mother didn’t bother to find her and left without her.

While she had been identified, no arrest had been made at that time. However, as reported by CBS News, police detectives arrested Vilaysane at 5 p.m.

on Tuesday at a Riverside bank and have taken her into custody. She is likely to face charges of child neglect and child endangerment for her actions. However, no official charges have as yet been filed and her daughter remains with Child Protective Services.

Before Vilaysane was identified, police released surveillance video footage of the incident on Monday, asking the public to help identify her. Tips came in that confirmed that the woman in question was Vilaysane. Police then sought further information in an effort to track her down. On the same afternoon, Vilaysane visited a Chase Bank in Riverside. When the teller requested her identification, she recognized the woman’s face and name and phoned the police, who arrested Vilaysane and took her to jail.

Family locked Vilaysane out of their home

The Press Enterprise reports that Detective Paul Miranda of the Riverside Police said her family told detectives that Vilaysane is having problems, including a drug problem. Miranda said the family is “fed up” with their daughter and changed the locks on their home to keep her out, as they don’t want her back.

Vilaysane has a second child, not in her custody

The two-year-old girl is not Vilasane’s only child. Miranda said she also has another child, who is reportedly living with her father and has had multiple contacts with Child Protective Services in the past.

As the criminal investigation is ongoing, Miranda would not tell the media what Vilaysane had told him about the incident. He did add, however, that he saw no signs that she should be sent for a mental health evaluation.

The police detective also said Vilaysane has around six Facebook pages, some containing fictitious information. Ironically, one Facebook page lists her as being employed by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, which officials confirm was definitely not the case. Another lists her as a dental assistant, while yet another Facebook page says Vilaysane is employed by the U.S. Department of Defense.