At least one man lost his life in a Cincinnati nightclub shooting that has injured fifteen others. Police are still investigating what happened during the shooting, and are even looking for possible witnesses, whose numbers could be in the hundreds. That said, police have denied the possibility that the shooting was an Act Of Terror.

Of the sixteen shot, one has currently lost his life

The man who lost his life was later identified by police as O'Bryan Spikes. He was 27 at the time of his death and was a father of three. Officers had been working security detail at the club at the time of the shooting, and had reportedly tried to revive Spikes by performing first aid.

Tributes to Spikes have been given on social media by his surviving friends and family. Another fifteen people had been injured during the shooting.

Of these fifteen, two of the victims are in critical condition, three are in serious condition, and four are in stable condition. All of the aforementioned victims are currently being held in the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Two victims were said to be treated and released from Bethesda North Hospital, and two more are in stable condition at Christ Hospital. Details concerning what types of injuries the victims sustained have not been revealed to be public.

The shooting occurred at the Cameo club on Kellogg Avenue in Cincinnati. While an exact time of the shooting has not been revealed, police said that they were given reports of the incidents around 1 a.m.

Police are trying to find out what happened, but deny terrorism

According to a released statement from Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black, the incident is likely to have been instigated by conflict from "specific groups or individuals earlier in the day" that somehow escalated into the later tragedy. Cincinnati police Chief Eliot Isaac also denied in a statement that the incident could be related to terrorism.

It is also believed by police that shots were fired from multiple firearms. Police also claimed that they faced similar incidents in the past, but not on quite a scale as this recent incident.

No arrests have been made as of yet, as police are currently still looking for suspects. Police are reportedly not only searching for the shooter, or possible shooters, but for any possible witnesses, many of whom are believed to have fled the scene. According to reports, possibly hundreds of people were in attendance at the nightclub at the time of the shooting. They will also study surveillance videos from the club.