The eldest First Daughter, Ivanka Trump, has developed a surprising cult following within China, with fans of hers dubbing her a “Goddess.” Her name and image is also notably being used through self-help products and even being used by companies in merchandising. That said, some of this support comes in spite of dislike of her father’s administration, and Ivanka does have her fair share of critics.

Fans of the First Daughter are even basing their lives off of her

On social media, President Trump's daughter, Ivanka, has even been compared to a goddess, and videos featuring her are said to become viral hits among Chinese viewers.

A news agency, Xinhua, also recently praised Ivanka for having an "elegant and poised style."

Wang Ge, a student at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Beijing, is one such fan of Ivanka, having based her schedule off of hers, including waking at the same time and setting aside time to read. She reportedly also keeps photos of her idol on her iPad device and regularly counsels her friends using Ivanka's self-help tips. Saying that she inspired her, the student wrote that Ivanka was "pretty," "hardworking," and in possession of both a good "career" and "family."

Some fans want her to be the real President of the United States

According to reports, working mothers in China are especially fond of her.

They reportedly consider Ivanka to be a symbol against chauvinism in addition to admiring her femininity, which they associate with traditional Chinese attributes. She is also reportedly popular within the more business-focused, as entrepreneurs are said to study her speeches for sales pitches. These fans in particular admire her for starting her own fashion brand instead of relying solely off her family for financial support.

Chinese companies have even said to be taking advantage of this. A Chinese variation of her name has been showing up on goods and services ranging from shoes, spa treatments, plastic surgery and pottery.

That said, for many of her Chinese fans, her popularity comes out in spite of a dislike towards her father, current President of the United States Donald Trump, with some fans joking that they would prefer her to be the President.

Added to that, Ivanka does have critics within China. Some reportedly dislike her as a figure of privilege, and feel that his makes her a poor role model. Others do not like the fact that she will serve an unpaid role for her father in the current administration.