The scene was a crowded nightclub in Cincinnati which already has a history of Gun Violence. It was a Saturday night crowd, and suddenly, the gunman entered and began to shoot, leaving one person dead and many others injured. No one has yet been apprehended but Assistant Police Chief Paul Neudigate has indicated that there was only one shooter, and investigations are on to ascertain whether he had any accomplices. At present, it is not treated as an act of terrorism.

How did it start?

The New York Times reports that a conflict started earlier in the day that could have been the flash point for the subsequent gun violence and loss of life in the Cincinnati nightclub.

The authorities are interviewing witnesses to get to the bottom of the story. The police say that at least fifteen people were shot.

This particular nightclub is not new to incidents of gun violence. In 2015, there was a shooting in the club on New Year's Day, and, another one in the parking lot in September. In the present case, the situation is believed to have been chaotic because it was a Saturday night crowd of young people, and, the incident is labeled as the worst so far.

The Facebook profile of the club spells out its USP -- it caters to college students on Friday nights, when it is open to anyone over 18. However, Saturdays are meant exclusively for those aged 21+.

The aftermath

The dead body was taken over by the coroner while the injured were shifted to nearby hospitals.

One of them is reported to be in critical condition. The surveillance cameras are being checked for serviceability because the recordings could help in the investigation. The authorities are also asking witnesses to come forward with any information they may have that could help the investigators.

Incidentally, the nightclub is located in an industrial area.

There are other such clubs in the vicinity apart from a few residential houses. There is an airport nearby, but, on the whole, the surroundings are quite desolate at night. On the face of it, the motive of this sudden incident of gun violence is a mystery. More information is likely to come to light as it becomes available.