According to the Hill Newspaper, former Vice President Joe Biden expressed regret that he did not run for president during the 2016 election cycle. Probably, all things considered, a lot of Democrats are sharing that grief. Whether Biden could have gotten the nomination against the woman of destiny, Hillary Clinton, or having done that beaten Donald Trump is a matter that alternate historians will debate endlessly.

On the plus side, Biden has lots of experience going back decades. He is also amiable and well-liked by a lot of people, something that could not be said about either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

On the downside, Biden is quite old, 74 years old, and a walking, talking gaffe machine. Also, Team Hillary would have unleashed the full fury of its wrath on Biden, as it did Bernie Sanders, had he tried to impede her ascent to the Oval Office. Remember, a lot of people thought that a Clinton restoration was inevitable. The presidency was her birthright. And besides, Donald Trump becoming president of the United States? Whoever heard of such nonsense? The fact that, contrary to all predictions, Trump is presidents explains the constant and unseemly meltdowns happening on the left and even among the die-hard never Trumpers on the right.

Besides, even if Biden had gotten the Democratic nomination, he would likely have soon found out that he conspired with Ted Cruz’s dad to assassinate President John F.

Kennedy. Biden would have discovered that the most difficult thing in the world to do is to run against a man utterly devoid of shame for public office. Also, a great many Americans proved to be disgusted with any politician of any party who could be labeled “establishment.” And it doesn’t get more establishment than Joe Biden.

So, most likely had Biden run for the third time he would have lost for a third time, and Trump would still be president. Then the purveyors of alternate history would be wondering if only Hillary Clinton had been the Democratic nominee instead of old Uncle Joe.